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If you do not have an idea about what
virtual numbers are, virtual numbers are such numbers which are available on
the net and in the cloud. The functions which are performed by virtual numbers
are very similar to those of a computer. Majority of these numbers are used to
forward calls to primary numbers.

A good example of this could be that if you
have purchased a virtual number that forwards all of your calls to your primary
number. The person who is actually making the call would never realize
the fact that they are calling your primary number. For them, only your virtual
is being shown.

Today’s virtual numbers have come far
beyond performing the basic tasks of call forwarding and playing the role of a
virtual assistant to an extent. It is much more than that now. Although all the
tasks that the virtual numbers perform are based on your defined rules, they
prove to be a helping hand in recording voice messages, leaving messages for
people, controlling conferences via the virtual system, permitting the
occurrence of voicemails etc.

Who can use virtual numbers and why?

There is no restriction on the use of
virtual numbers. Everyone can make use of these numbers. People belonging to
all professional, unprofessional backgrounds can benefit from the use of
virtual numbers. Another good thing is that virtual numbers can be a part of
your homes as well.



In previous times, people were used to
having only one phone line allocated to their household.  The landline too
was operated by parents and adults, kids were kept away from attending calls.
There may have been a lot of calls coming from various family members, friends,
and employees. With the introduction of mobile phones in the telephonic
field, the game pretty much changed. People got to use cheap and portable versions telephones.

This gave teenagers the chance to
experience giving and receiving calls, for the first time. Friends become more
in touch with each other. Calls were made directly without having to be
physically present at a certain place and time. Just think about everyone
having their own phones, with the availability of a single phone line which
will further be connected throughout the home. Furthermore, one could make use
of service namely “call me private”. Its custom directory will permit each
family to arrange their own call system.

Due to the installation of this system,
whenever a family member will dial a virtual number, the person calling would
here a recorded voice. This voice recording will instruct him/her to either
press 1 for DAD, 2 for Mom, 3 for Anna or 4 for Joseph or whatever the
respective names are.

With the usage of the “call me private”
system, each family member would have an extension of their own. Mom can be
given the extension 1000, Dad will be at 1001, Anna at 1003 and Joseph at let’s
say 800. Whoever places a call on a virtual number is able to hear the voice
recording, and finally, the connection is made with the required person.
Whereas if the system had been set up using a private extension then the caller
would need to know the extension before placing the call, otherwise the person
will not be reached.


The trend of becoming an entrepreneur is
becoming common with each passing day. It seems like every family has at least
one or two business owners amongst them. A major reason behind this could be
that people do not feel attracted towards the typical 9 to 5 job anymore. It
requires a person to be in their places and follow a repetitive official

This is why more and more people prefer to
become self-made entrepreneurs. They like the fact that entrepreneurs are their
own boss; they are able to work for clients on a direct level rather than
having to through a hundred people. Entrepreneurs sell their products the way
they want and to whom they want. Companies at large are not able to meet the
needs of each employee, whereas the entrepreneurs make living on their own.

Due to the above-stated reasons,
entrepreneurs have to do everything on their own, from finding an audience to
carrying out the marketing process. This is done in order to make clients agree
on purchasing their products and services.  This is usually done by
distributing the business card which holds information related to the contact
number, email id etc. In such cases, distributing one’s personal number can
result in a million unnecessary phone calls. This can prove to be very
irritating at times. There are plenty of different options to buy 1300 numbers and business phone numbers, so be sure to do your research to find the best suited option for your business needs

With the use of virtual numbers,
entrepreneurs are able to control and manage these calls using various virtual
numbers.  Each number can be used for a separate reason.  An example could be that if a CEO of a
company travels to Canada then he/she can give out their Canada virtual number.
This way all the calls that are made on that number would clear the fact that
the person is from Canada.

In addition to this, the entrepreneurs
receive texts stating the details of all the calls and their location. Virtual
numbers also play the important role of organizing calls as well as making the
entrepreneurs aware of the details of every call. The person who made it and
from where was the call was placed. Now you as an entrepreneur do not have to
worry about the fact that how a person got a hold of your private number.

Entrepreneurs have to travel a lot, due to
which it is crucial for them to make use of virtual numbers if they plan to get
rid of issues related to call. For every state, entrepreneurs can have a
different virtual number so that there are zero chances of any confusion.
Virtual numbers have made life easier for
everyone one.  So if you want to know why the above-stated people make use
of virtual numbers, just skim through this article.